2sky is an update of Pocket Star Chart, first released for Palm OS in 1998. Over the course of 30 updates, 2sky was the first handheld astronomy app to introduce color, smooth animations, simpler controls, a search engine, a red mode, a "save" function, automatic daylight saving time adjustment, and realistic telescope views. It's also always the most up-to-date astronomy app, making optimal use of the bigger screens and additional controls found in the latest crop of Palm OS devices.

Kevin S. Polk wrote 2sky, 2red and SunViz. He earned an A.B. in Astrophysics from Princeton University and an M.S. in Astronomy from the University of Washington. In college, he observed from the VLA and all of the pre-Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea. Later, he managed NASA's Pacific Regional Planetary Data Center in Honolulu, and served as an outreach partner to JPL's Mars Pathfinder Mission. In 1999, he operated the Microphone experiment aboard Mars Polar Lander for the Planetary Society. Along the way, he has been a space systems analyst, multimedia CD-ROM author, popular public speaker, and President, Vice-President, and Newsletter Editor for the Hawaiian Astronomical Society. He currently resides in Conroe, Texas.

Alexander R. Pruss maintains the open source version of 2sky, by the very kind permission of Kevin S. Polk.