To protect your privacy, we keep our information-gathering activity to the minimum needed to render excellent service.

Active Content

To eliminate inbound spam and improve our response time to your questions, we use JavaScript to encrypt our e-mail address. When you unblock active content for our pages in your browser, the word "contact" will appear in our blue logo area at the top of the page (and sometimes in the text). That's a link to our address, and is the only active content on our pages.

Information We Collect

We archive all correspondence, including any contact information found in incoming emails. Our payment processing service provides us with a daily log of customer names, contact information including e-mail address, and items purchased.

How We Use the Information

We don't put cookies on your computer but instead use aggregate IP logs to measure traffic and response to advertising.

We take precautions to protect personal information. We do not share visitor/customer information with 3rd parties, except for aggregate statistics such as the number of visitors we've had.

We use customer names and contact information strictly to provide timely service, upgrades, and support for our products and services. We validate all support requests by checking to see whether the requester is in our customer database. By default, we notify all past customers with valid email addresses of each new update of the software they ordered, and routinely purge addresses that prove invalid.


We use access-controlled accounts to protect all of our logs and customer lists. Our payment processing service collects enough information via fill-in forms to authenticate your purchase. This is done on a secured server, and we access it via a secure connection.


Should you ever request it, we will remove your name and e-mail address from our announcement list, though of course this means that you would have to contact us for upgrades rather than getting the notices the moment they're ready.

We chose our payment processing services in the download in part because of their attention to your privacy. Should a privacy issue ever arise with them, or with our own service, please don't hesitate to contact us.