Will 2sky run on my handheld computer?
Yes, if your device runs Palm OS and was made in the past 10 years. 2sky runs on all the latest Palm hardware, but it does not run on desktop hardware, Windows CE, Pocket PC, or Linux devices.

Which device runs 2sky best?
Tapwave Zodiac. Actually, all of the color ARM-chip devices are good, including the Palm Tungsten T3 and Zire 72. We loved the newer Sony handhelds, but Sony no longer makes them. Pretty much any device that runs Palm OS 5 will do great. Palm OS 2 - 4 devices will run 2sky, but they'll do it a lot slower.

How much memory does it require?
Minimum install: 590 K
With all files from 2sky Deeper Download: 2.4 M
With all files from 2sky Deepest Download: 9.8 M

Does 2sky require color?
No, but it looks a lot better on color devices!

Do the big databases (mag8, NGCIC, and mag9) slow 2sky down?
Not perceptibly. Indulge!

How do I download it?
Go to open 2sky's download page.

If you follow the link in your confirmation e-mail back to the download page, it will ask for your credit card number again. Don't worry, your card won't be charged! This is just to verify that you're really the person who placed the order.

How do I unzip it?
The download is a zip file. Often, your browser will unzip it for you. Search (control-f) for a folder called 2sky (there will be some numbers after it; that's the version). You'll find either a folder with all the files you need, or a zip file.

To unzip the file, try double-clicking it. This may open your decompression software, in which case you'll need to find the Expand option. If the download doesn't open, try opening your decompression software first, then opening the download from inside it.

If that still doesn't work, it's time to update your decompression software. We recommend Stuffit Expander, which is free and runs on Macintosh, Windows and Linux. If even that doesn't work, try downloading 2sky again. Sometimes files get corrupted during download.

How do I install it onto my handheld?
The instructions (PDF) explain installation step by step. Here are some additional hints:

Back up your handheld using HotSync before you install 2sky. Your handheld's manual will explain how to HotSync.

To install 2sky, open the Palm Desktop application on your computer and find the Install dialog. Check that the User setting in that dialog matches the name that appears in the upper right corner of the HotSync app on your handheld. Also check that you're installing to your handheld, not the expansion card.

Drag all the files beginning with 2sky into the install dialog. Drag MathLib, too. Then HotSync.

I installed 2sky, now where is it?
If 2sky doesn't appear after installation, tap the little house button on your handheld a few times to set your launcher's category (upper right corner) to "All", then scroll up to the top of the screen.

If it still isn't there, install it again, checking that the user name matches the name of your handheld, and that you're dragging files into the dialog for your handheld, not its expansion card.

Can I put 2sky on an expansion card?
Sure, but it will probably break. 2sky runs fast for the same reason Palm itself is fast: data gets accessed in place without much copying around in memory. Unfortunately, card data doesn't work like this. When 2sky starts on a card, Palm OS just copies 2sky and all its databases into RAM and runs it. This can lead to a "boot time" of a few seconds. Then when you're done, Palm OS deletes some portions of 2sky from RAM. Different devices handle the boot-up and the clean-up differently, which can lead to problems that are extremely hard to troubleshoot. If you've installed 2sky to a card and see any error message at all, it's the card driver's fault. Delete, reinstall from the original download folder to your handheld's RAM, and see if it works.

How can I get the sky to drag with my stylus?
2sky needs a moment to determine whether you're dragging rather than tapping the display. This requires a smooth movement that is very different from the "pecking" motion used in graffiti and button taps.

To move the sky, touch the stylus to the screen and immediately start a slow drag. Watch the screen. After a moment that may seem long (two seconds on older devices), you'll see that the constellation lines have disappeared and the stars have moved. Keeping the stylus on the screen, move it slowly toward where you want it to go. 2sky will now follow your stylus at a slightly faster clip. We may be able to speed this up by version 2.9. Note also that if the zenith is in the middle of the display, the sky may not drag down. 2sky doesn't let you flip the view over backwards. If you want to shift the view from North to South, use a side-to-side motion instead.

How can I get a star or object to plot?
If an object isn't visible after a find, just zoom in until it appears. To zoom in, tap the arrow in the upper right corner until the box next to it shows degrees, then tap the box to select a smaller field of view. Or use the hardware down key.

To see whether a database is installed correctly, find the star called Spica. At 5 degrees, more than 7 galaxies will be visible if NGC/IC is installed, and several stars will appear from the Mag8 database, if installed. Zooming in to 2 degrees, several more stars appear if Mag9 is installed. You can verify magnitude by tapping a star (if it's from the mag9 database, it will say "field star"), tapping it's name, and scrolling down.

2sky's databases stack. For example, Mag7 stars won't show up if Mag6 isn't installed. NGCIC requires Mag7 and Top500.

Why don't the stars match what I see in the sky?
Check to be sure that:

  1. The clock is on. Tap it until it's selected.
  2. You're looking above the horizon (yes 2sky draws objects below the horizon so you can see what's about to rise). Enter graffiti character b to put the horizon just below the bottom of the display (or in the 180 degree view, to look straight up).
  3. Your location is the same as 2sky's.
  4. Your location is close to where you really are now.
  5. You are looking in the correct compass direction (Azimuth).
  6. The FOV is 45 degrees or greater.
  7. The clock is set correctly in your handheld's Prefs application.
All of these controls are explained step-by-step in pages 9-11 of the instructions.

Why does 2sky draw the Sun even at night?
2sky draws everything above and below the horizon, so that you can see what's about to rise or set. If the sun is above the horizon even though it's night, try this checklist.

Why is the time wrong?
If the time seems wrong, tap the clock indicator in the top row until it's selected. When it is, 2sky uses the clock that's built into your Palm handheld. When it's not, the clock is stopped.

If you see an airplane below the clock icon, 2sky is probably drawing the sky and showing the time over some other part of the world. Open the View menu and select Return Home to reset 2sky to your location.

If the location isn't close to where you are now, tap it to open the Choose Locations dialog. Find the nearest location and select it so that 2sky knows that's what it's drawing. Also tap the -- next to it to put a house there: that tells 2sky that that's where you really are. Then tap OK.

If after all that, the time still seems wrong, go to the Prefs app in your palm handheld and select Date and Time. It is very likely that you need to update your Palm's clock.

What does the airplane icon mean?
It means that 2sky is drawing the sky over some other part of the world, and adding the time difference when it displays time. In other words, it's showing what they're seeing there now. To reset 2sky's location, open the View menu and select Return Home.

What does the asterisk next to time mean?
The asterisk means that 2sky is adjusting for Daylight Saving Time, also called Summer Time. As long as your Palm's clock (the one you see in Launcher) matches local wall clocks, 2sky will automatically adjust the sky for daylight saving time on the correct day. 2sky is specifically designed so that you don't have to set it for daylight saving time.

In the extremely unlikely event that your town decides to change the way it observes Daylight Saving Time (e.g. not observing it at all, or observing it a week earlier than the rest of your country), you can edit this in 2sky by tapping the location in the upper row (you'll need to tap the arrow in the top right corner first), and tapping the Edit button at the bottom of the screen.

Why won't 2sky get out of red mode?
You need to open 2red, pull down the menu, select "Restore System Colors", and exit 2red. Now delete 2red, hotsync, reinstall it, and install the latest version of 2sky.

Why does 2sky crash my Clie?
This bug was fixed years ago. If you're a customer, you've missed a lot of e-mails. Please contact us to update your address and get the upgrade.

How do I get 2skyDB?
It came with your download, so check the 2sky folder on your desktop computer. If you keep getting this message even after installing it, check the User Name in your desktop install dialog. If you've hotsynced more than one handheld, or changed handhelds, 2sky may be installing to the wrong handheld. Also check to be sure you're installing everything to RAM, not to expansion media such as an SD card or Memory Stick. When in doubt, pull out the expansion media before installing.

Do I need to delete my old copy of 2sky before installing an update?
Only if the version of your copy is 2.0 or earlier. To find out the version, open to 2sky's Info menu and select About 2sky.

How do I report a bug?
Check the rest of this FAQ carefully first. It will probably answer your question in about 60 seconds because it was built using 5 years of technical support experience. If it doesn't, please contact us with the following information:

  1. The version of 2sky you're using.
  2. The type of handheld you're using (e.g. Palm m505).
  3. Is 2sky running on a memory card?
  4. Your desktop setup (Mac OS X, Windows XP, etc.)
  5. Any hacks or 3rd-party Launchers?
  6. What happened?
  7. What you have already tried.

How do I request a new feature?
Please contact us.