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“Your software is what unlocked the sky for my daughter and I. My daughter received a telescope for Christmas and we were unable to even locate Jupiter and Saturn. I tried computer generated maps and internet star location programs. All of them were confusing. I downloaded [2sky] and on our first night out with my palm, your program, and her telescope, we were able to see the planets and identify dozens of constallations. After using this program, I can now understand the other programs that I originally had trouble with as well.” - Nokesville, VA

“I find 2sky more intuitive and easier to navigate than the other astronomy apps.” - USA

“I've found 2sky an immensely user-friendly tool. Many, many thanks.” - London, UK

“I didnít get many opportunities to take my telescope out this summer but if I saw something interesting in the night sky Iíd check it out with 2Sky. Youíve put together a great software package that is simple to use and easy to learn. Then you improved it and made it even better. Keep up the good work!” - Park City, IL

“I've given it a lot of use, out at my observing sites. Carrying the Pilot is much easier than a bunch of star charts.” - Taylorsville, UT

“The program is GREAT. I know little about astronomy, but was able to start using it. It is EXACTLY what I've been looking for.” - USS Theodore Roosevelt

“Thanks for the useful, easy to use, funny and very educational software. It has helped me a lot to enthuse my four children (and friends) with the mysteries of the sky and the greatness of our universe.” - E.D., Santiago, Chile

“I want to tell you what an outstanding product this is. I have just gotten interested in astronomy and this is a *great* tool that I can take with me as I learn more. I will be using it a lot! I can tell that a lot of thought and effort has gone into the software and documentation - great job, thanks for developing this!” -Winston-Salem, NC

“I just bought this program and for a guy like me who is just starting out, it is a great program. Easy to use and very informative. great job.” - Burlington, Canada

“Just a little word of praise for 2sky, it has got me hooked on the sky and is now my main use of my Palm505...! [I've] seen the rings of Saturn, Jupiter's bands; all totally captivating. It is just what you need without being too complicated, and is very easy to set up and interpret. Thanks again for a splendid product...!!!” - Spalding, United Kingdom

“It is the most user-friendly of all the planetarium programs I have tried (and I think I've tried them all).” - New York, NY


“Love 2sky!! It's so much better than lugging around a laptop and, it's a powerful program!” - Belleville, IL

“I have been happily using 2Sky for some time now. The ability to have a planetarium in my pocket at star parties is always handy. I do a lot of public star parties and I use 2sky for explanations and examples. A constellation makes more sense when you see a small drawing of it. Or animate the movement of a planet against the sky.” - Tucson, AZ

“Thanks!!! Great program. Been using it a lot lately. A lot easier to haul around than my laptop.” - Portland, OR

“I do a lot of astronomy and it is so convenient having the entire sky on my palm rather than having to carry my Sky Atlas. I use my Palm a lot for work, for reading e-books, etc. For my money your software is THE killer app. It really is as near to perfect as an application could be.” - Kensington, MD

“Thanks, I love it. I have had Voyager, Red Shift and The Sky for years, but the convenience with the Palm is really great.” - J.G., Palo Alto, CA

“I think you've done an awesome job on the software. I have a similar program on my desktop computer, but 2sky sure comes in handy when you're out gazing at the skies. Your product is a lot easier than toting a laptop -- and sometimes more accurate! Amazingly 2sky shows all the same stars and objects as the larger program on my desktop...sometimes even more! Every chance I get, I share it with other sky gazing enthusiasts. Keep up the good work!” - Whiting, IN


“Kudos on your excellent program! It's indispensable when I need to look up things fast during my astronomy lectures and labs.” - B.S., Iowa City, IA

“I was out with the scope the other night with my wife and a couple who are new to astromony. 2sky came through with flying colors. First of all, I noticed a bright "star" near the moon and I knew they would ask what it was. 2sky showed me it was Mars... Later, I was having trouble finding NGC457 and 2sky got me to it in about 15 seconds! I was also having a lot of trouble finding M81/82 and again 2sky came to the rescue... When I wanted to show this couple the one globular cluster in the winter sky, again 2sky got me to M79 in about 30 seconds - as fast or faster than a goto system! It really is a super program.” - San Francisco, CA

“I am a volunteer with [a local observatory], and I often keep my Palm 505 in my pocket on our public nights in case someone wants to see an object that wasn't on my "program" for the evening. Everyone thinks it's great that I can look up the objects and figure out where they are on the Palm. Great Product!” - Santa Rosa, CA

“Thanks for all your hard work on 2sky. I downloaded the application in the afternoon, and had improved my recognition skills by that night.” - Ivrea, Italy


“I paid for and downloaded 2sky, installed it on my Zire, and am completely amazed at what it can do! Best $25 I have ever spent!” Plymouth Meeting, PA

“This kind of contact convinced me that I have made a good investment with your product.” - Campinas, Brazil

“Good product, good value - the convenience of having it on the palm brings it into use almost every clear evening. - Manchester, NH

“2Sky is still the only observing tool I use (apart from my scope!) - Cheshire, UK


“A great product and TERRIFIC support! ” - J.H., Yellowknife, Canada

“This is great S/W and your support is the best anywhere hands down!” - C.C., Portland, OR

“Thanks for a great product and for your great customer service. I have to say that when I was in the Edit mode for FOV and saw that I can choose my orientation (i.e., upside down, mirror reversed, etc) for each field of view, I about flipped! I'm so jazzed about 2sky I want everyone to know about it!” - San Francisco, CA

“Thank you very much for the fast reply and great service you guys are providing. One of the greatest and coolest programs out there in my view.” - Santa Clara, CA

“Thanks for the quick response! Love the snazzy hi-res icon!” - Rocky River, OH


“Thank you so much for such a fantastic upgrade!!!!! I use 2Sky each time I go observing. It is a super program made even better by your recent efforts. Well done!” - Flagstaff, AZ

“I have been playing with ver 2.0 now for about a week. I thought that 1.22 was nice, but after using the new version, the only comment I have is ..... WOW!!! what an upgrade! This will always go out with the scope or binos, regardless of what other star atlas I take. Thanks” - Springfield, MO

“I have to comment on your upgrade notification policy. It is far and above what one would expect from a software vendor whose product carries such a modest price point. You are an example of an organization to which others should be measured. I have some knowledge of these things as I work for the #5 software company on the planet. For you, sir, BRAVO! Keep up the superb customer relations...” - G.M., Orlando, FL

“Just a short note with my compliments on your latest version in regard to OS5/Clie level graphics - beautifully done. I am constantly on the road overseas and your product has been a great source of recreation on limited personal down time. Your professionalism in updates obviously reflects a labor of love. Thank you.” - J.G., Orange, CA

“Thank you so much for making such a great product and continuing to improve it! 2sky is helping me to learn the night skies. I now have 22 constellations under my Orion's belt! Who knows? I might even buy myself a telescope.” - B.M., Ontario, Canada

“I love your program. Lately I have been using 2sky along with my telescope to help locate subjects in view. It is a great companion to have around to see what is in view, and to help set up the telescope in good locations for viewing things like Mars. Thanks for keeping 2sky up to date!” - W.D., Gilroy, CA

“Thanks for the update to 2sky. I really enjoy my 2sky and use it at school star parties, at our State Park Public Observatory, and for my personal use. I show it to everyone, and they are impressed with the program. Thanks very much for keeping me informed of your new updates. I really appreciate you doing this.” - Kuna, ID

“Just wanted to congratulate you for this good software. All of my suggestions I once have sent to you and much more is now integrated, so I have no more ideas how to improve it! btw. on my new color-palm it looks great!” - Wabem, Switzerland

“Thank you for the new open cluster symbols - they are great. The new stars look fantastic! Keep up the wonderful work.” - San Francisco, CA

“Many thanks for this update, I still use the software very often and with a lot of pleasure!” - Belp, Switzerland

“I downloaded your new version of 2sky and am very much pleased that it was much faster and easier to find the astral objects. I have used your program to observe the stars with my eyes and a small binoculars. But I just ordered a telescope and I believe 2sky will help to find the planets, stars and other objects. Finally I would like to thank you for making the excellent program for the Palm and your kindness.” - K.K., Japan

Overall Quality

“One of the finest astronomy programs I've ever seen, and I'm not just talking about the Palm O/S. You've managed to incorporate the features that people really need and jettison all the fluff.” - Huntland, TN

“This program is an example of software that I think turns the Palm from a souped up organizer into a 'working' computer. I find it priceless and have shown it to many people who are quite amazed by it.” - Apex, NC

“You guys did a wonderful job. I have rarely seen such a well-thought application on any computer, let alone a hand-held. I downloaded it yesterday and spent hours exploring the sky on my Sony Clie.” - Zurich, Switzerland

“There really is no substitute for the best. I was going to order a copy of Sky Atlas 2000.0, but didn't because I doubt it will be anywhere near as useful... I think I may have told you this before, but being a software developer myself who pays attention to details and tries to do things the right way, I can't give any higher praise to an application than to say that I couldn't have done any better myself. It is not a thing I have said very often, but it is something that I can say about 2sky.” - Huntland, TN

“I have used my Handspring Visor Pro at Bruneau Dunes State Park, where we have a public observatory... The park puts on a presentation every Friday and Saturday nights, from March till November, were I help out with showing the night sky to the public. They are amazed by my PDA with 2Sky program on it, and then more amazed with all the information that is in 2Sky... When someone finds something and is not sure what it is, we get 2Sky out and it tells us what we are looking at. The rest of volunteers have often said that wish they had a PDA with 2Sky on it.

“But I dont go to volunteer without my 2Sky program. That also means out to the Boise Astronomical Society Educational School Star Parties and our groups regular monthly star parties.

“2Sky program is such a powerful program on a PDA, that I very happy that someone like you that have written such a fantastic program for everyone to use.”

“I also would like to thank you for your quick response to me when I had problems before or questions. Thanks also for writing a fantastic program such as 2Sky. In todayís world, it is nice to have such a programmer like you! I hope you the best of health and life, so the rest of use may enjoy your hard work on programs such as 2Sky.” - Kuna, Idaho

“I was very pleased when I found 2sky. I downloaded and purchased it. I have been using it as one of my main astronomical resources.” - Toowoomba, Australia

“My only complaint is that 2sky has kept me up past my bedtime and it did get down to 24 degrees.” - Salem, Oregon

“Very nice software. Easy to install. Lots of features.” - J.W., Plano, TX

“This is a cracking little application which just gets better.” - Retford, Great Britain

“Good manual, in half an hour you can manage the program completely!” - E.B., Zwolle, Netherlands

“The software is fantastic.” - R.C., Arlington, VA

“Congratulations for your nice program.” - Valencia, Spain

“I love your program to bits. Just marvellous!” - Montreal, Canada

“Keep up the good work on what is already the finest portable planetarium available.” - Saudi Arabia

“The program looks awesome and I'll be taking my time learning it. Looks fantastic on my high-res Sony Clie NX60.” - Manasquan, NJ

“A member of [a local] Astronomical Society showed me the software at our last meeting, and I went out and bought a Sony Clie just to run it... I've been looking for something that would allow me to use Alt-Az setting circles without spending a lot of money... I think it' really outstanding software.” - Boise, ID

“I really enjoy using my 2sky. I enjoy looking at the sky at night and my Sony clie and your software get a lot of use. You have done an excellent job with this...” - Baldwinsville, NY

“Just in case you don't hear this often enough, if no other program ever worked on my handheld, this app alone would make it worth it! This is just the kind of thing that handhelds were born to do. Thanks!” - Hillsborough, NJ

“Great program! Congratulations!” - Vistas del Maurel, Mexico

“I love your product and use it every night I get out to observe.” - Nazareth, PA

“2sky is minimum magnificent!” - Las Vegas, NV

“I just discovered your product and I'm sitting here in awe. I've been looking for something like this for years. Your 2sky product for the Palm handhelds is exactly what I've been looking for. I've tried many different computer astronomy programs and a few different Palm astronomy programs, and they were all close... but no cigar. You guys get the cigar. You did it exactly the way I've hoped for years that someone would do it. Great job!” - San Jose, CA

“Indeed, a very awesome application for the Prism! Good work." - Webmaster for a leading handheld computing company, Cupertino, CA

“I've downloaded and bought every astronomy software for the Palm I could find. They each had good and bad points. Thankfully, now I can delete all but 2sky. It's just that cool.” - Kansas City, MO

“I am glad that you passed Platinum certification, but I am even more impressed, because I check for a lot of things that Platinum does not (but probably should someday) and you don't seem to be breaking any of those new rules either. Good job!” - Platform Engineer at a leading handheld computing company, Cupertino, CA

“I must commend you for your program, its architecture, completeness, and ease of use. 2sky is as complete a program as I could hope for on a handheld. All of the different pieces fit together seamlessly. I went looking for such items as Messier and NGC objects and found that they all came up without any problem. Inclusion of various data elements like the rising, transit and setting times, RA & Declination of various objects only adds to its completeness. 2sky is very easy to use. I am glad to have made the leap. I was motivated to write these comments after installing other programs on my PDA. In comparison, I found...the other programs were not well thought out or created at different times without any effort to have the pieces integrated. I do think 2sky is a great program.” - Honolulu, HI

“I thought 2Sky 1.2.2 was the best thing I ever bought for my Palm. Looking forward to trying 2.0” - Indooroopilly, Australia

“I love the program: it is beautiful and great fun. All my friends are envious.” - New York, NY

“I just want to say that I love your 2sky, and will probably purchase the add ons within a month or two. I have tried several, if not all, of the palm astro programs, and I LOVE yours best!! Thank you!!!! - Oak Harbor, WA

“I found 2sky great as a pocket sky chart... Thanks for the great work.” Riverton, UT

“Your programme is fantastic - definitely one of the best I have tried.” - Johannesburg, South Africa

“I love 2Sky on my Sony Clie. It's the best astronomy software there is.” - Bloomfield, NJ

Customer Adventures

“Love this product! I went to Australia a while back and took tremendous pleasure from being able to quickly identify the unfamilar constellations and objects. This product is obviously designed by someone who uses it.” - Marietta, GA

“I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful application! I'm going to take my Palm with me tonight when I go out to see the Leonids.” - Brookline, MA

“ I love this program! When I go out to the clubs on Saturday night, I get pretty drunk. I usally find a hot chic just a little more toasted then me. I come up with a smooth pick up line but my 2sky program seals the deal! I take her down by the lake and whip out my PDA and launch 2Sky. "Do I know how to get the ladies or what?" Well, the girl is usally too drunk to see the little dots in the sky but that's not the point. She's just use to going to a drive thru then having the guy try to get to first base. Let me tell you, with 2 Sky I hit a home run every time!! She thinks I'm this smart astronomer and she just throws herself at me. After that I take her home and put my PDA on the charger for the next victim! ” -"Jack the Mack," Milwaukee, WI

“I'm taking it to Anacapa, one of the Channel Islands this week. It should be a good place to study the sky!” - Sun Prairie, WI

“My wife is taking new found interest in sky gazing. We've been out frequently these cold evenings in the Arctic (114.35 W 62.45 N, Yellowknife, NT. Canada). I usually start each session with prepared sky charts and 2sky on my Palm. We then travel out onto a local ice road (literally a road across the ice of Great Slave lake), far away from any local municipal lighting and just gaze... I have been using 2sky for quite some time. I am very impressed with it and VERY impressed with your continuing support and upgrades! Well done!!!” Yellowknife, Canada

“I am a happy user of your great 2sky program. It's just great, I travel quite a lot, east and west, and I am always observing constellations, rise and set times at these remote sites.” -Guemligen, Switzerland

“Works great! The other night I was out with binoculars. Just taking the dogs out for a few minutes. Pulled out the palm to look at the new upgrade. Saw that Uranus was close to Mars and tried the lock and zoom. The display showing the stars close by matched perfectly with what I saw in the binocular field. This makes it so easy to find something. I have the standard starfinder books, but being fairly new find it hard to locate objects. Can't wait to try it out in a couple of weeks at the star party. It's great to get a new gadget that works perfectly and not know it's coming your way. Keep up the good work.” - Rock Hill, SC

“I use the product with my Scout troop and they simply love it- some of the best star watching we've ever done.” - USA